Saturday, May 29, 2010

hooked on flea II!

hello everyone! we had a blast at "hooked on flea II"!

Many Thanks to everyone who came down to support us and to those who came over to check us out! we made some new friends and met some old ones too!

we have some left over items from the flea and will be selling them at our etsy store soon!
for those who have requested totes and rings, we will contact you as soon as possible! please do wait for our email. thanks!

Also, tomorrow is Recipe Sunday~ and we're making PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!

but not like this though (warning! contains profanity!) :

hahahaha! Alright seeya guys tmr!


  1. Hey babe, loved the badges :D ! Let me know about your supplier rates k ? <3

  2. hello!!!! :D we'll get back to you asap! thx! <3